Support Our Own. Choose Locally Grown. campaign launched

Support Our Own. Choose Locally Grown. local media campaign launched

Healthy Loddon Campaspe has launched the Support Our Own. Choose Locally Grown. local media campaign.

Support Our Own. Choose Locally Grown. promotes Loddon Campaspe grown fruit and veg, and aims to enhance awareness and consumption of locally grown produce available at local food retailers, growers and farmers markets.

The campaign will raise community awareness through local media activity including TV, online and social media promotion. HLC is also engaging with local fruit and veg growers, retailers and farmers markets to encourage them to get involved in the campaign.

The Support Our Own. Choose Locally Grown. campaign will focus on some of the main benefits of locally grown produce:

😀 It’s good for our health.
🥬 Food is fresher and has less distance to travel.
👍 Supporting local growers and businesses to feed our region.
🥑 It’s readily available.

The media campaign will include:

📺 Three TV ads aired over a 4 week period throughout late May-early June 2023 featuring growers and retailers within our region.
📣 Ongoing supporting marketing activity such as online and social media advertising.
🎉 In-store and at-grower marketing material such as posters, floor stickers, posters and shelf wobblers. See images below for examples of marketing material.
🔎 An online resource hub featuring grower and retailer lists, recipes and other resources like ‘what’s in season’ graphics and grower bios. 

How can you support the campaign?

✅ To support the campaign please feel free to share our social media posts! You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.
✅ Visit to check out all the information about the campaign.


Visit our website or send us an email at [email protected].

Support Our Own. Choose Locally Grown. decal Watts Fresh
Support Our Own. Choose Locally Grown. decal Watts Fresh

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